Audio recording using Flash

To Record voice from web we need the following thing:

1) A flash media server (eg: Adobe Media Server [paid] or Red 5 [free])

2) Java6

3) Webserver (eg, Apache, PHP)

4) A flash client app to record voice

The one I used

We used Red 5 Server, because it is FREE and Open Source

We can proceed with our Apache + PHP

Flash Recorder APP from AVChat (They have Free Trial recorder for 30 days and the Full version costs around £50)


Install Java 6 (find the correct build based on 64 bit or 32 bit processor)

install RED 5 (Download from

Run RED 5 and test the installation

Open a browser and type:

If the installation is success, you can see the RED5 page

Try to install some demo app and try those demos

You need a Browser with Flash support to test the demos (Allow the security options)

Voice Recorder Client App
You can many FREE recording app over internet. Even you can get the Action Script for Voice recording and you can create your-own Flash recorder if you know Flash

A better voice recorder app can be found at which has PHP and ASP support where you can save/manipulate the recorded file

The AVChat App

Download the chat app from the site

There are two sets of folders, on for red5 and one for web server.

Put the red5 projects in your webapps folder of RED5 server root

When you download the app, you’ll get a license key. Enter this key to the property file inside the red5 server app.

Put the web server folder in your apache web root

Open avc_settings.php and update the path of RED5 with your RED5 server path (see the example in the document)

Try accessing this project with your web browser, if you can see the flash player , it means your web app works fine

Try start recording, and if you can record, which means your RED5 server configuration is fine

Stop recording and click “Save”

Check for the recorded flv file in the RED5 stream folder.

This “Save” action trigger saveaudioto_db.php where we get details of the recorded stream and we can use PHP to manipulate that.

For example, to move the flv file into webserver root, or use FFMPEG to convert the FLV format to WAV or MP3 etc

Enjoy Voice Recording :)

— Sajith