When ever we click on a downloadable file , our browser pop up a download window popup and ask us where to save. That download option does not have any other options like , limit the speed, scheduled download, download by split parts etc like what download accelerator like flashget does. In some cases we drag the link(or click on download by flashget from context menu) to flashget for download using accelerator . But this is not possible in all the cases. Most of the downloads are not via direct link to the file, instead it points a dynamic web page (php or something), and it pops up the download option. Or sometimes there will be captcha to fill for download. In this case dragging to a accelerator is not possible.

The plugin which helped to do this is Mozilla’s FlashGot .What this plugin does is , it adds one more option for bypass the download from mozilla browser to some other accelerator say flashget.

FlashGot mozilla plugin

Might be some of you waitingfor such a solution for a long time , rite ?