How can i download YouTube Videos to my system. ? Everybody have this question. YouTube uses flash player for playing video files.

The advantage of flash player is , most of the web browsers now support swf files. The format of the video is FLV. So if you download the video from youtube , you only get the flv format of the video. So you need flv player in your system. Windows Media Player’s Latest version supports flv file format .

But it is impossible to download the flv file directly from the youtube site. If you take “view source” you cant see any flv files or any “save target as link” there. There are a lot of websites and web tools to download flv files from youtube video url. But these all are not working now, since youtube have changed there default website structure and implemention of the flv player. So these above sites will give you a result “Invalid URL Entry”.

Here the ultimate and simple way to download any video or audio which is playing from your browser (not only youtube videos) can be downloaded using “Firebug”, Mozilla’s Plugin.

Read my article on How to install Firebug from here

Steps for downloading flv video are:

1) Take the YouTube Video in your mozilla browser.

2) From the All/Net tab you can see all the downloading contents. From that find which url is downloading an flv file.

3) Today i can see a get_video link, it may not be same as the youtube all the time. If you + (expand) that, You can see the header part of that file,

saying :Content Type: video/flv

4) Right Click on that link and click copy location. This is the url for your flv file. Download using browser or any download manager like flashget etc.

NB1 : Youtube may change this soon :)

NB2: This can be used for downloading any streaming video or audio content. [ Happy ?? :) ]

Some other urls for downloading Youtube Videos:





Thank You and Enjoy Videos