When I used an flv player for my website www.amvizone.com, the main problem I faced was the external embedding. So I provided the iframe embedddng method instead of embedded object like youtube. The problem was the embedded flash player only worked with the my domain (where the player.swf is placed). When I put the same embedded code with src points to http://www.amvizone.com/player.swf from another domain, the player did not work.

FLV Player

Recently My Friend Rahul (He is the master in flash and action scripts) gave me a solution for this. That is, you have to add cross-domain policy to your server to server the swf file to other domains.

When a Flash document attempts to access data from another domain, Flash Player automatically attempts to load a policy file from that domain. If the domain of the Flash document that is attempting to access the data is included in the policy file, the data is automatically accessible.

You have to create a file, crossdomain.xml and place in the root folder or any other folder where content is placed. The data in the crossdomain.xml file is shown below:

The above configuration allow any subdomains of foo.com or a particular ip or www.friendOfFoo.com

If you need to provide access to all domains , you can use the following xml:

Courtesy: Adobe.com

And special thanks to Rahul for sharing the information

For details: click here


Sajith M.R