We like firebug , We like PHP , if so, We also begin to like FirePHP !!!

Using firephp , you can debug your php code. Firephp is a firefox plugin which works on firebug console.

In our php life, we know we can use echo function to print or debug the value of a variable and we usually do that. But if there is any header function such as image manipulation, redirection etc, if you use echo or print either it leads into unwanted results or we get the common error,cannot modify header information headers already sent !!!

The one solution for this is, writing the variable value into a log file and check the log file after execution. But the advantage of fire php is, you can log messages, or value of a variable and can see through firebug console.

For example:

log(‘Enter into function’); ?> log($result); ?>

You can also categorize your error as warning or error . eg:

warn(‘Variable value is not set’)?> or error(‘No parameter passed’) ?>

For more go to:http://www.firephp.org/