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Sometimes you get some email forward contains:

1) Please forward this mail to your friends. 4.5 Month old child needs help. Don’t spend money – just forward this email to all your contacts – you will help her by contributing 10 cents for each email you send.

2) Do you want to know your girl friend’s name? Just forward this mail and press Shift + Ctrl + P (or some key combinations). Your girlfriend’s name will appear on screen.

3) Forward this mail to at least 10 people and you will hear good news you were waiting for with in a week!!

email fraud

4) Mail from Yahoo (or MSN etc): your account will be removed if you don’t forward this message to everyone.

5) Forward this email to maximum people. When it reaches 1000 , everybody will get 100$ each.

These all are email frauds. Never respond or forward such emails. Either delete to or mark it as Spam. Or at least do nothing !!!

This process is otherwise called Mail Chaining or Chain Letter.
Aim of the Sender(The one who started this mail thread first) will be one of below :

1) Advertisement: When you close watch each email (The Chain Letter), you can see some links, either it is ads or some fraud sites links. While forwarding among 100 people, at least 25 people will click on that link and visit their site.

email fraud

2) Email Spamming: Some mails contain some reply email address by mentioning it as “reply to this email if you want to know more”. Just look on your FORWARD, you can see more than 500 email addresses of knowns and unknowns.

What will happen if you reply the mail, all this mail address are simply forwarded to the email creator. Who will use these email collections for further spamming !!! TRAPPED right ?

email fraud

3) Signatures: Not only their email addresses, if you reply to the sender with this Forwarded Mail he can collect a lots of Email Signatures, which is created by each forward. Then not just your email even your personal info also gets back to the creator. TRAPPED Again ???

email fraud

4) Money Making : The mail such as forward 1000 people and get 100$ each is another mode of fraud. If you enquire or ask for money to the initial sender, he will say – “Okay, you will get money send us your credit card details etc.”
Or they will say, “for transacting this money, you have to give as $2 for transaction charges, so that we can transfer 1000$ to you”. You can only dream your 1000$, and it never will get. TRAPPED AT LAST ?

So Discard these fraud email forwards. Remember one thing, “There is no Free Lunch”.