Today i implemented gmail chat window , not an ajax chat with a chat server, but its client side implementation.

Here you can see the demo:

Take this link in a new tab or window, and take any other website without closing it.

After 3 seconds , (Consider it as a new chat message arrived situation) you can see the google chat notification sound , and title changing. (I didn’t get the actual gtalk notification sound, so i used windows notify.wav file )

You know google (gmail) implemented its sound notification is via swf object. Here me too done the same.

I wrote two function to check whether the browser is in focus or not.

Here is the functions:

function lostFocus() { document.title = 'Sajith M.R Says...'; state = 'nonfocus'; played = 0 ; changeColorRed(); alterTitle(); } function gotFocus() { document.title = 'Gmail Inbox(1)'; state = 'focus'; played = 0 ; }

The alterTitle() function calls in 3 seconds setTimeOut manner.

function alterTitle() { if(state 'nonfocus') { if ( document.title 'Gmail Inbox(1)') { if(played == 0) {'notify'); played = 1; } document.title = 'Sajith M.R Says...'; } else document.title = 'Gmail Inbox(1)'; setTimeout("alterTitle()",3000); } }

The soundmanager.js file handles the swf flash object and sound triggering.

These three simple scripts together created this demo:

If you want the whole source code , mail me:

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