10 Features of Google Chrome – Youtube Video


Yes, a browser with very simple layout. The features i like in this new browser is its full screee view. The only thing in the top area is the location bar. No other menus or buttons or panels are there. It gives a comfort feeling. (All other browsers are very congested )

The Competition is started

Another feature i like to see was that task manager. I was searching for such a plugin in mozilla. Which tabs takes more memory , more internet resources etc. And we can even end the process . Good approach google. Hats off.

The next feature i like is downloading files. It never ask for location for saving. After download you can save as you wish (You can drag the downloaded file anywhere in your computer ). So when you want to download , just download it !!!

On the very first day, i got a crashed warning message from chrome while i browsing !!!

Google Chrome Crashed

But there was option to restart, so savedall the tabs.

Another feature i liked is it error display mechanism. It shows proper error and proper solution just like google style :)

Dns Error Chrome

One feature i expect was the warning before closing tabs. When i closed the browser, all the tab get closed without any warning.. I think firefox made me to think like this .

And in option , you can see the saved passwords (without any masking !!!) .That is a bad feature i think.Lets expect more features in the coming update .

And about wordpress editor; some of the functions of WYSWUG wordpress editor is not working with chrome. I think this is because of the javascript compatibility.

From a developer angle , i got one more browser to test a webpage(How it appears after changing the html, javascript and css )