Google Needle Logo

Yesterday i just started a tool for measuring some services of google. This small tool / needle , I started with google page rank checking engine.

It is GoogleNeedle,

Later added two more features.

1) Keyword – Url-Pagination

2) Youtube Video Downloads

Here Keyword-URL-Pagination helps to find in which page of google search results , your url / website is found , for a particular keyword. For example the keyword “sexy status message” search on shows my website in 8th page from* and in the 1st page from *

You can also check your website indexing in google search from different county aspects.

The 2nd tool youtube video downloader is for downloading flv file of youtube video from youtube video url.

Finally my previous and very famous wordpress pagerank plugin’s download option is also included in this ‘GoogleNeedle

Of course this Needle will measure your google, and its services.

Let me know which are the other tools you needed here. Feel free to comment. I will try my best.


Sajith. M.R