Recently we decided to organize the 3rd barcamp of kerala on 7th December 2008. The cheif organanizers Kenney Jacob and Anand Subramanian started promotions and publicity for the event. They stated mailing, sending sms and further online promotions. Our greate, romantic, family , friends Orkut Community introduced a new feature calledMy Events, in which you can create and event and inform your friends which will remind them at the day of the event.

Very enthusiastic young chap Mr Anand created an event in orkut and invited all the tech savy friends into it. All accepted the event and saved in their orkut. The real story started when anand , by mistake , deleted the event in orkut. It is just a removal of the event node. But the funny thing happened is,everybody got this message in their emailis :

“The Event Barcamp Kerala – 3 has been Cancelled”

Don’t worry Friends, Today isdec 2nd , we have long 5 days to go for the real barcamp.Anyway it is going to happen @ the rite time as announced …