In the present financial climate, many people are setting up their own businesses to make money. This has resulted in lots of small companies being created on the fly. So if you’re setting up your own office here’s how to do it in a cost effective method. Tricks like setting up remote offices and using conference calls to liaise with clients, which can save you a lot of money and help keep your new venture afloat.

Remote offices are a great way to save money. Having people work from home means you don’t need to rent an office and pay bills. Instead of investing in IT infrastructure you can use good remote systems for emailing and calendars. Google Apps is a great system for this: they provide calendars, document sharing and, of course, email. Google is obviously the biggest name in the business so your employees should know how to use it, and you can count on the system to be reliable. Skype is another good application that will help you run a remote office. Free calls between Skype accounts mean you can talk face to face with your co-workers without having to be in the same location. All of this relies upon your employees having access to the internet at home, but that obstacle aside, there is nothing to stop you from saving a great deal of money with a remote office.

Using conference call providers for your office can help limit costs as well. Travelling to meetings can be very expensive when you combine transport costs with working time lost on the road. Conference calls are also useful if you are running a remote office. They’ll allow you to get your entire office on the line for weekly meetings without having to book a meeting venue.

Finally, look for ways to limit paper use. Printers cost a great deal of money to buy, run and maintain. There is also much less need for paper copies these days as almost everything can be sent by email or, for larger items, file transfer services like youSENDit. These methods are free and incredibly quick. So when setting up your office, try to make it as paperless as possible, this will help you save a great deal of money and increase the speed of your business.

So there are three ways to help you set up a cost effective office. By running an efficient office you give your new business the best possible chance to succeed.