I hate stumble spammers

The idea attracted me some months back is that of stumbleupon. There you can customize your likes and dislikes. You can categories your likes. After this you can view websites as per your interest. What you have to do is just press the stumble button in your browser’s stumble plug-in. This is like taking books from library. Every day as a course I used to stumble around 20 web pages. It is very wonder to see this, that all the sites getting will be exact on your interest. And if you like that site, you can click I like it button else I dislike button. If you have no opinion on that just leave it and stumble next pages. The backend of stumble upon automatically learns your likes and dislikes and it serves you next pages depending on this knowledge base.

But one thing I noticed some days that, now the websites getting from stumble is not that much suit to my interest. If I stumble 10 websites, I got only three best sites. (In old days it was around 9:( ) This is happening just because of stumble spamming. There are some websites which doing stumble exchange. As the traffic through stumble increases, most of the websites managers use its loop hole. What is a stumble exchange is, if you add my website as you like it, then I will do same for yours. Thus what results is, improper, non valid, ad oriented, mere marketing based sites will get gather in this pure stumble.

So I hate stumble spammers, as it reduces stumbles real effect, and real mining capabilities. And one more thing also to remember is , the revenue model of this stumble site is also from custom injection of other sponsored sites with stumbleupon’s support . So there is a built in “spamming” in stumble’s revenue model. And these entire stumble exchanges are in addition to this. Then what will happen; normal users like me will get mislead. But still I stumble around 50 sites everyday.