Internet Explorer Float - Margin Problem

If you are a web designer, who designs using cssproperties, perhaps you get in struck with different browser’s compatibility. In these case Internet explorer would be your most headache, especially IE 6 or former versions .

Mozilla shows contents as we expect while the design phase. The web browser arrived recently, Chrome also shows things like what we put in our designs. When we check with Internet explorer, the veteran in this field, a lots of problems with aligns , extra white space , floatingetc.

I already posed about internet explorer form tag problem. Here, recently i faced a different problem with IE, when we use float values say float:left for a particular div, and if we apply left-margin:10px (or whatever value), IE displays it with doubled marginal length (in this case around 20px)

When i googled it , and finally got a solution. What you have to do is, add *display:inline *value to the div which shows this extra white space or extra length





I got this precious solution from

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