Start jquery for manipulating html file and execute javascript just like sql queries.

Simply pointer the dom object with a $ and manipulate with different built in function.

For example

Don’t need to write javascript inside each node. It is like prototyping. Insted of adding an onClick=”function()” inside the node, jquery define the onclick function from the top level. Your html code will be clean and tidy. If CSS removes all the styling bits, Jquery removes all the javascript bits from html.

You can remap every default action from an html object.

For example normally when you click a link ( tag) it navigate you through the href value. But if you add the jquery code as below:

$(document).ready(function(){ $("a").click(function(event){ alert("Thanks for clicking!"); }); })

It adds a thanks alert for every click in links.

and if you add :


It prevents the default action also.

You can go to JQuery homepage:

and can learn more about JQuery.

The intention of this post was not an explaination about jquery, but some addition website which develops addons based on jquery.

Those are:

Comment me if you know any other jquery websites.

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