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I just started ruby on rails some week back. As a programmer one should learn at least the language ruby. It is a very powerful language with a lots of different concepts and stuctures . You may know learning a programming language is very simple if you cognise any other one already . What we want to learn is its syntax for conditions, declartions and looping.

A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write

Learn Ruby on Rails
Learn Ruby on Rails
Some Features of Ruby >

  1. Ada like syntax
  2. Exception handling (like java or python)
  3. You can redefine ruby syntax

You can read more features here:

Railsis a mvc framework for web architecture . The architecture became very simple for me because I already has around 3 years of experience in symfony framework programming. But ruby seems more powerful when it stick on with rails as ROR .

For windows users, download ror (ruby on rails) from

For linux users :

The getting started page of rubyonrails ( shows that you have to install ruby and gem separately. That is wrong. The gem modules are already included with the ruby package . So if you continues with ruby setup.rb as per the official site, you will get some errors.

You can simple install rails using gem. Gem is just like PEAR in php .

gem install rails

For those who are interested in ruby on rails programming, you can download full tutorial package include ruby and ruby on rails with a lots of example form

This package ,“Ruby Programming Ebooks 2008″ , containsa lots of tutorial + Agile Web Development with Rails, The Pragmatic Programers (2nd, 2007).pdf book , Rails Cookbook, O’Reilly (2007).chm(totally around 48 e-books)

(Remember it is a torrent, i don’t know about the copyright violation issue, i got it while searching on google)

Then start ROR today itself. Remember this post is only for programmers. For others forgot it, and it is not thesexy ruby standing on the rails :)

Ruby Girl
Ruby Girl
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