Media Rss

You all are familiar with RSS feeds, and you know it’s importance in the current web world.

It has a structure like

Your Title
Your website details

First Item
Detaisl of that item
Thursday 1st of January 1970 06:03:28 AM

But yahoo introduced new rss which includes media content and its details including video, audio, medium, bitrate, channel, duration, frame, adult, rating, keywords, category, thumbnails, url , width, height, credit , role etc

Its format sample is:

<media:content duration="180" medium="video" isDefault="true"><media:title>Art of Survivalmedia:title> <media:description>Very interesting funny videomedia:description> <media:player url="" /> <media:thumbnail url=""height="240" width="320"/> media:content>

We can insert this tag inside the item tag.

Using media rss you can insert embedded videos , audios, images inside an rss feed.

In normal rss we usedRSS enclosure for inserting media content. But it has a lot of limitations.It is not sufficient for these much of informations.

<enclosure url=""

length="123456789" type="audio/mpeg" />

For more about media rss visit:

I implemented this media rss in