*A*t the time of the development ofmobshare, we had faced a huge problem inthe convertion ofa video format to other formats. Since our video contents are user generated, and we are providingfacility to upload any format of the video. But for showing that video we used flash player, the player which is supported by all the browsers. So we need to convert all the video formatinto flv . In our earlier stage of developments we used ffmpeg, which is another video convertion tool. But it had many problems in some format, and we could notconvert videos intoflv with audio support, and another factor isour operating system was linux.

Mencoder gave us all the solution for video convertion problem.If you install mencoder by enabling all the support, you can convert any video into any format with a lot of convertion options such as resolution, frame rate, frame size, audio rate etc .

Example convertion: (WMV to AVI)

mencoder movie.wmv -o movie.avi -ovc lavc -oac lavc

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