Mobshare is an innovative platform that allows users to share their camera phone images, audio files, videos, blogs etc through an online platform. With a mobshare registration, a user is allowed to create his personal web-space with which he/she can upload his/her camera phone images/videos through MMS* and immediately view it on the internet or mobile phone browsers. The medium allows a user to document his wide range of experiences through photographs & share it with his friends, relatives or larger communities of the user’s choice. The technology presents an opportunity to unlock the combined addictive power of the Internet & mobile phone messaging. * – you can also upload online or even email.

Creating Mobshare Account
You can create yourown account in mobshare. What you need for an account is
a mobile number. When you register with mobshare, you will get yourown mobshare webpage say http://www.yourname.mobshare.in and you will get an mms email account yourname@mobshare.in.
Personal Mobshare Account?
A personal mobshare account is one where only you can post pictures, videos
or whatever. For example, you mobshare account page maybe, www.yourname.mobshare.in
– Others can only view, give their opinion (comment) or rate your postings.
The mobshare email id (like maybe yourname@mobshare.in) of your personal mobshare
account identifies with your mobile phone number and hence restricts others
from posting to your account directly. The posts sent by other users will be
stored in the inbox, waiting for your approval to go public.

You can also create communities
A community allows anyone to post, even though you own and administer it. The
mobshare email id required to post content is displayed at the top of the community
home. The Community link in the homepage lists all community accounts in mobshare.
You may join a community or unjoin it at any point of time.

Posting image, audio, video to mobshare.
Capture images & videos using your camera phone, digital camera or film
camera. Camera phone- send the image/video as an attachment using MMS to your mobshare
email id. In the former case, we identify with your mobile number. Digital camera- Transfer the image/video to your PC.
Send it using any email program to your mobshare email id as an attachment.
Film camera- Scan the developed photos to your PC. Send it using any email program
to your mobshare email id as an attachment. If you are planning to
send something to someone else’s account, then use their mobshare email id as
the recipient’s address. For eg: sajith@mobshare.in

MMS enabled phone is not a must
Don’t feel disappointed or left out!!! You can manage your account online or
use emails with attachments to send in content. But upgrade to a camera phone
soon & activate your GPRS & MMS. Its a very big world out there.

Emailing is another option for posting new contents
Email it to your mobshare email id as an attachment.

You can allow someone else to post in your Personal Account
Tell them the send the content to your mobshare email id.

Its your time: “My Home”
“My Home” is used to manage your mobshare account. To access your
control panel, login using your username and password from mobshare.in homepage.
Once you login, from the “My Home” page, you can edit your user information,
view, manage, edit, delete content etc.

Never use your mobshare email id for sending and receiving my regular emails
Your mobshare email id is exclusively for sending content to your mobshare account.
You cannot use it for your regular emailing. It will not work :-)

Chip, new name of Scrap
chip is a tool to send a message to another mobshare user.

Adding friends >>
Visit your friend’s home page and click on “Add this person as a friend”link.

What is a Multimedia Blog?
‘Blog’ is a term derived from weB- LOGging which started as more of an online
diary where people could write about anything under the sun. It became a huge
hit in the late 90’s when people started blogging on anything & everything.
Blogging eventually upgraded from just being a text archiving to a more modern
multimedia archiving, where text wasn’t all alone, but had images, audio &
video as well, to give more dimensions to the whole concept.