Steps to create a mozilla plugin>

1) You need Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (Download from:

2) Initail steps for a Hello World program is here :

The package is zip file saved with xpi ( pronounced as zippi ). And the Interfacing language is called XUL

You can edit and test your xul templating using this url:

The Browser itself written in XUL format. Its basic structure is called XUL Overlay. We can override any part of that overlay with id. (See:

This is how different plugin’s are integrated with already existing mozilla browser. You can Override, Expand, or add separate window for your application.

Since the usage of desktop application are increasing and the need of javascript have more significant nowadays ( Ajax, Flash, Flex, Adobe Air) , We should follow client side developments.

If XUL is for templating , Javascript is action creator here. You can write your code in javascript.

After creating your application , you can showcase it on firefox extension folder. They put your code in sandbox. After testing, if it is an useful one, they will add it to their public package listing so that
everybody can access you extension.

So start your Hello World Application with Mozilla Plugin NOW .

Feel free to contact me in: or D@OLPH.IN