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I personally like gmail than any other webmail service in this world. I was a regular yahoo mail user two years before, and i used yahoo messenger also. I am not blaming yahoo mail service, i don’t know the reason for this switching exactly, but i like gmail. Might be because of its simple chat, simple Ajax implementation, very simple look, etc . But the thing i want to disclose is not a mere comparison of gmail and yahoo, that is not my concern here.

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Some additional features i expected while using gmail are HTML signature, customizing the view, labellings, theme , removal of ads , i am not revealing the climax of the movie here :) but i got a mozilla plugin which does all the lagging features of gmail what i expected, and its name is Better Gmail (They could have put better name) .

You can download that plugin from here : Better Gmail

Screen shot:
Better Gmail Screen Shot

Download the plugin and install and refresh gmail page after making any changes in the option. Put a better html signature with images , links etc like yahoo, customize your gmail as you wish.

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(Tips: For 100% working of this plugin, you need to switch into older gmail version)