In a php project, if we get the requirement , we usually start design and database. But the data entry procedure is very hard. In this case PhpMyadmin is a good comfort.
Here is another tool from , MySQL Table Editor. Using this library you can make your database table editable from your php code.
You can :

  1. Select the table to be displayed
  2. decide which column should be hidden
  3. Whether a column should be editable or not
  4. Add advanced searching option
  5. Download the table as csv format
  6. Add pagination
  7. Set alias display name for your column

Download Library from:
Sample Code Below:
//database connection object $dbconn = mysql_connect('localhost','root',''); mysql_select_db('mydbname');

//select the table to be edited, here it is accounts $editor = new TableEditor($db_conn, 'accounts'); //I dont want to display id and password column $editor-?> noDisplay('id'); $editor->noDisplay('password'); //the email column should not be editable $editor->noEdit('email'); //set display name for column email and login $editor->setDisplayNames(array('email' => 'Email', 'login' => 'Username' )); //sort order of first name $editor->setDefaultOrderby('namefirst', 0); //set which are the filed to be searchable $editor->setConfig('searchableFields', array('namefirst', 'namelast', 'email')); //can set the type of input field $editor->setInputType('available', 'select'); //finally display the editor window $editor->display(); ?>