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Online Photoshop in PHP (Series Part 1)

As i announced in my birthday post: , i am starting my post series How to make Photoshop Express in PHP

Before we starting the step by step procedure, have a look at :

This is a basic version of online photo editing tool.

You can either upload a photo to this tool or you can browse some images already supplied.

The basic features are:

  1. Crop
  2. Resize
  3. Water marking (Both logo and text)
  4. Round corner
  5. Rotate
  6. Download and save

Try yourself

Upload some picture (or browse any picture), Press crop button (top left), you can see orkut photo upload like crop there. You can select the area, or drag anywhere in the image. Press crop button in the workdesk. (Press F11 or fullscreen view for better performance )

Try all other features provided.

The whole site is divided into four parts.

  1. Tools
  2. Work Desk
  3. Browse Photos
  4. Settings

Tools area contains options for crop,resize, watermark,round, undo , save,clear all, download.

Here ‘clear all’ reset all the operations and navigate the website into initial settings.

From the Settings Area, You can fix the angle of the image. You can rotate either clock-wise or anti-clock-wise depending on the angle provided (+ve or -ve)

In Text Water Mark Setting Area, you can enter a text, set font size and font color. It generates a pictures corresponding to your text. Click water mark button in tool area and fix the position , press *Apply Watermark *

You can also upload your water mark logo.

Finally you can download the edited picture by clicking download button in the Tool area (top right) .

The interesting thing is the whole website / tool is created in a single day.

wanna learn how to implement this ??

Keep reading rest of the series.

In Online Photoshop in PHP (Series Part 2) >> Implementation of the Browse Photos Area

Thanks and Regards
Sajith M.R