If your organization / office blocked your favorite website, dont worry, we have a solution.

If you have your own website / server and ssh access to it, you can browse any website through that. All what you need is putty.exe (in windows).

See below the steps for that:

You need putty for this purpose. Download putty.exe from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

(Read my previous post on putty here )

1) Open putty.exe

2) Enter your server’s ip address and ssh port. (Default is 22 )

3) In the Category tree (left), expand Connection , expans SSH and select Tunnels

4) Enter any source port (eg: 8888 or 7777 – avoid port less than 1000)

5) Select the dynamic radio button

6) Press Ok and login into your server via ssh.

Now your ssh with tunnel is ready.

Goto your browser .

If you are using moziila, take tools (from menu) > Options.

Advanced > Network options > Settings.

Select Manual Proxy settings.

Leave all the places blank . Enter Socks Host as and port as we set earlier in putty’s tunnel settings (say 8888)

Press OK and browse. You are now browsing via your own server. Thus you bypassed your local system or LAN network. Thus you can access any websites which are blocked from your organization.

If you are using IE, follow the same instructions for proxy settings.

Now enjoy browsing with your favorite sites. cool na !!!

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