Hello programmer,

If you are a programmer, youmight experience on saving your different ftp , email , website credintals (usernames and passwords) . Someone uses google documents for saving passwords. Some use email itself as a password storing medium. To be more secured, you have to save your passwords in you local machine rather than putting them into any other 3rd party online medium.

Truecrypt is an open source software for saving secured data (Folders and files). It is available for most of the operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac etc). The advantage of TrueCrypt is, it creates a seperate partition or storage device as a normal USB memory stick. When you mount the partition it asks for a secured password. You can save your personal and secret files inside this partition. You can creates more than on partition using this software. So you can seperate your data files if you needed.

Here is the website url: http://www.truecrypt.org/

It also provides two level security. It adds a hidden file inside another secured file, so that when an adversary forces you to reveal your password, or forces you to open the secured folder, there is no chance for them to view the hidden encrypted file.

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