I was finding that my visitor count is increasing and alexa ranking of www.sajithmr.com is now well below 100,000

So I decided to change my old Cpanel hosting to a professional content delivery network who can provide me the scalability that www.sajithmr.com may demand in the future . After much research i ended up with PiCDN who provide affordable CDN service
The following are the changes that the new hosting offers me:

They use a different web server than apache . I found that it was nginx and it seems its the rising star in web servers

I dumped my old cpanel mail toGoogle Mail for domains – Picdn integrates it with fully and it got only minutes to get me running :)

I have ssh access to my account !. Occassionally i can do cleanup jobs and have more flexibility than a FTP account. Besides picdn people claim it more secure

These are their features (copied from http://www.picdn.com)

  • Highly scalable hosting infrastructure
  • Asynchronous web server
  • Geo-distributed fault tolerant nameservers
  • PHP ready
  • Dedicated fine tuned MySQL database server
  • Geo-aware redirection of users to the nearest cache/node
  • SFTP /SSH/RSYNC publishing access
  • Allows plugging in of other Application servers and content processing servers
  • Google Mail for Domains Ready

I am fully satisfied with my new host and plan to move over http://www.amvizone.com to them soon

So Sajithmr.com is now in new server with new design (home page only ), have a look at: http://www.sajithmr.com