Recently I tried Symfony 2 Sandbox for one of my projects. I realised this fact that Symfony 2 is so powerful because they restructured the Symfony 1.4 architecture and made a system like Codeigniter Framework.

I wrote a post some months back about Codeigniter vs Symfony here.

I need to re-edit that post now, because, the drawbacks I mentioned about Symfony (Advantage of Codeigniter over Symfony) is now rectified in Symfony 2.

Symfony was based on naming conventions till 1.4 (like, indexSuccess , deleteSuccess etc) but now in Symfony 2, like Codeigniteryou can mention the name of the view from controller.

The features like view inside view (instead of partials), controller inside view (instead of components) etc are really super in terms of template flexibility.

The Bundle method in Symfony 2 is adapted from the way of codeigniter libraries. (use_library)

The Bundles method also helps in reducing memory conceptions, which Symfony was being blamed for long.

Also the advantages of php 5.3 like namespace, use etc makes Symfony 2 , memory configurable.

The advanced template controller will help to play with any external templating systems very easily. The concept of slot is well used in Symfony 2.

The drastic change in Symfony folder structure will make Symfony developer hard to switch from Symfony 1.4 to 2. But once it is settled, it will be also hardto go back.

The Symfony team claims that Symfony is faster than any other existing PHP framework available in the market. Must be true !!But in the comparison page,they avoided Codeigniter.What could be the reason ?

— Sajith