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Todo Reminder is a Mozilla Plugin, which can be used to set Reminder for Your Friends fora particular event on a particular date. Your Friend will get Email / SMS alert some days before (Called Heat) that event. So you never forgot a particular event / ToDo.

For example, when you composing an Email to your friends for your College Get together on March21. While composing mail you can simple add a reminder to all of your friends by a single mouse Click, so that all of your friends get reminder emails / sms on that day.

You can Download the Plugin here

Here is the screen short of composing an Email in Gmail:

Composing a Mail

Before Sending this mail, Select all email addresses and right click :

Right Click for Todo Reminder

(You can select any set of emails from any web page and can add reminder like this)

Launching the TodoReminder Plugin:

Start Todo Reminder plugin

Here you can see all of your selected emails, you can put a Subject for your Reminder, Date of Event, and How many days before the alert to be provided *(Lets call it *HEAT). If Date is March 21 and 3 is the HEAT, then your friends will get alert email from 18th March to 21 March.

See the window after setting the Reminder

Todo Reminder Successfully Set

Enough, Your Friends automatically gets Reminder Emails along with your email. He can Accept or Reject your reminder.

The screen shot of the email your friend gets:

Your Reminder Email

When he clicks the Reminder Activation link, A Confirmation window will pop up , and he can Accept or Reject the reminder and also can *Edit the HEAT *(How many days before the alert to be started)

Screen shot of Confirmation Popup:

Todo Reminder Confirmation

Download the plugin Now

Todo Reminder - Mozilla Plugin

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