Trac is an issue tracking system with wiki support. It also provide interface to subversion. It can be used as Web Subversion.

Installation of trac >

apt-get install trac
yum install trac

depends on your operating system.

user this link for more installation help :

After the installation, you have to setup the trac Environment Directory. For that create a folder any where in you system.

(mkdir myenv) and give full permission to that environment (chmod -R 777 myenv)

To make this directory as your trac environment , use the following command.

trac-admin /path/to/myenv initenv

It will ask for name of your project, mysql connection string, type of subverstion, repository path, and template of your trac.

1) Provide a name for your project

2) If you are not using mysql, the trac by default use Sqlite database . Just enter the option for blank

3) Enter type of subversion there. Just type ‘svn’ if you are using svn subversion.

4) Enter the path to your repository

5) Leave the template option blank. Lets change that later.

Now your trac environment is ready.

You can change the above configuration form the trac.ini file in the trac environment folder.

Some useful links :

Now lets start trac as standalone . (There are two more option to start trac)

For that you can use tracd

eg: tracd -p 8080 /path/to/projectenv

here -p is your portnumber.

If you want to set your hostname also use,

tracd –hostname=localhost -p 8080 /path/to/project

For starting tracd as a daemon , use -d option
eg: tracd -d -p 8080 /path/to/projectenv

if you want to add more than one project through a single port , use

tracd -p 8080 /path/to/project1 /path/to/project2

another way to start multiple project trac is :

tracd -p 8080 -e /path/to/parentenv

*Setting trac Authentication >>>

tracd -p 8080 –auth /path/to/project1env,/path/to/users.htdigest, /path/to/project1env

where users.htdigest is the password digest file of user accounts, and is the realm which set when creating the password digest.

How can i create the users.htdigest file.

this link will help you for that :

the command for creating user htdigest file is :

htdigest [ -c ] passwdfile realm username

where -c option is for creating new file, by overwriting old one (if exists)

for adding more users avoid the -c part

Setting Permission >>

trac-admin /path/to/projenv permission add bob TRAC_ADMIN

For giving permission to users you can use this link:

Mail me for any queris to:

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