What is happening in web applications or website. W3C defines a lots of web versions month by month. We just heard about Web2.0. What is the difference between normal web and web2.0 . I have a lots of doubt here. My knowledge is web2.0 provides more interations to client than a normal website, the tagging , blogging , community sites are example for web2.0 (This is only my knowledge).

But now its shifted into Web 3.0.

Web 3.0, popularly known as Semantic Web, is going to enable computer programs to interact with people and websites. Its unfair to call Web 3.0 just another version of current web, as it going to be a huge qualitative leap from the current form. Others refuse to call it version 3.0 because the term, ‘ Semantic Web’ was coined by Tim Berners-Lee when he started work on the concept even before Web 2.0 was born.

Lets expect a leap or crawl deviation for the current web version. Wait and See..