Wordpress Announcement Plugin

Do you wanna inform any important news or message to your readers ? Here is a simple plugin, WordPress Announcement Plugin.

Download the plugin from : http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/announcement.zip

Go to Admin > Plugin > and activate announcement plugin. After that, go to options and select Announcement. By default the plugin will be inactive. You have to set your announcement and activate the announcement by checking ‘Active’ checkbox.

Never Forgot to Run the Announcement. By Default the Announcement will be inactive

Enough !!! You visitors can now see your announcement. It will be displayed only one time for a particular user .

(If you want to see the announcement again, for testing purpose, Clear browser cookies, or atleast cookies from your blog. Otherwise you have to wait another 24 hours to play the announcement again)

The plugin is created with cute design and animation. It will never interrupt your blog reader.