Today i published my new wordpress plugin, which control user navigation. The plugin name is “Close Warning”.

It prompts the user a confirmation message before they close the browser window or tab. After that a lightweight window popup jumps up with your preset announcement or message(in richtext format)

The Advantages >>

  1. You can avoid the accidental close of browser window
  2. You can tell or mention any message or offers before they navigate away from your website
  3. It works not only on closing, but in any type of external navigation (Internal navigation is screened out from this warning)
  4. Since it is built on lightweight window support, your message or warning appears very eye-catchy

You can download the plugin from :

Screen Shot - Warning before close
Screen Shot - Warning before close
From the setting page, you can set your rich text message or warning / offer . See the screen shot:

Warning Before Closing
Warning Before Closing
Please feel free to mail me regarding any clarification and upgrade to