If you know this feature already , skip this article. But i have to ask a single question at the end of this section .

For wordpress version less than 2.3 , Go to Options>writing, andfor greater than 2.3, Go to settings > writing

What you have to do is create an email account with pop3 support

You can see the heading “Post via e-mail” there.

Enter your email server (by replacing mail.example.com)

Enter your pop3 port. (110 by default)

Enter your email login and password.

Choose a category to for the email entry posts

Finally Press update option Button

What you have done above is only the settings. For grabbing or pulling the content from email, you need to call/trigger an url.

That url is: http://yourblogdomain/wordpressinstalldir/wp-mail.php``

Either you can call it manually. Or you can set up a cron job for that url by call the url using wget or like functions

Another simple mechanism to call this email trigger is use a hidden iframe in your blog template. (anywhere)

The problem with this email posting is , it strips all the html tags before entering into wordpress database.

The is no way to find the* attachments from an email*.

So I decided to start a wordpress plugin which does the above missing properties. If there is any ‘working’ plugin available, please let me know, so thatI can avoid the re-inventing of wheel .


Sajith M.R